5 Questions to Ask Your Accounting Firm


Money is an essential aspect of every business. Some business owners find it hard to handle financial situations because they lack professional help and knowledge. For this reason, they’ll look for an accounting firm in Singapore to assist them when making financial decisions. 

So, once you also partner with an accounting firm, here are the questions to ask for securing your business growth. 

1. Are you familiar with my industry? 

Each industry has its own set of problems. For instance, the food and retail sector mainly deals with accounting issues due to inventory mismanagement. It’s better to ask your audit firm in Singapore if they can handle the common problems your industry usually faces.

2. How can you help my business grow? 

As a business owner, you must ensure that your company is in an excellent financial position. To do so, ask your accounting firm in Singapore about how they can help your business grow. For example, they can give professional financial advice to lessen the financial loss. 

3. How can you track my progress? 

Ask the accounting firm to give annual or weekly financial reports to know if your company is progressing. You can ask if they offer sustainability reporting services to determine your company’s performance considering the economic point of view. 

4. Who will assist and offer me professional assistance?  

Corporate tax services in Singapore can be pretty confusing for some business owners. Thus, it would be best to have a professional guide to explain the details to avoid misunderstanding. Otherwise, you’ll compromise your company’s financial health. 

5. How will you help me overcome challenges? 

Of course, you’ll encounter many challenges as a business owner, including limited cash flow, stagnant growth, and lack of capital. With this, ask your accounting firm in Singapore about solutions to overcome these challenges. 

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