5 Top Tips to a Successful Return to Face-to-Face Meetings

Are you worried about returning to face-to-face meetings? Perhaps you have got so used to Zoom meetings that you’ve forgotten how to interact with someone in the flesh. This is a common concern sweeping the entire nation, but it doesn’t have to be such a daunting process. 

Simply read the below blog and discover five top tips that promise to make your first face-to-face meeting a positive and productive one. 

  1. Alleviate anxiety 

If you are feeling anxious about your first face-to-face meeting, it is highly likely that the person you are meeting with is feeling the same. This is why it can be a good idea to put your clients or colleagues at ease from the start by letting them know what to expect. 

Make sure that you arrange a location that both parties feel comfortable going to and that you discuss what is going to happen during the meeting beforehand. 

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  1. Offer space 

Wherever you choose to hold a meeting, now more than ever before, you need to ensure that you offer sufficient space so that everyone attending feels safe and at ease. Make sure that the room is clean, clutter-free, light and that it provides adequate ventilation

That being said, you don’t want to create a space that feels disjointed. You still need to ensure that each person feels involved and there is not a “us vs. them” atmosphere. 

  1. Focus on body language

Not everyone will feel comfortable shaking hands yet, so you need to find other ways to make people feel at ease in your presence. To avoid that awkward hello moment, focus on using positive body language, such as a warm and welcoming smile and friendly and approachable gestures. 

Another good tip is to mirror the body language of the other person as this will instantly make them feel more comfortable. 

  1. Travel light 

If you have to travel to attend a meeting, you may be tempted to take multiple props with you, such as an interactive smartboard and remote control for your digital slides so that you can appear more professional. 

However, it is worth remembering that you have managed the last 18 months without these fancy gadgets, so why not keep it simple and let your expertise and experience do the talking? 

  1. Dress to impress

While you may have become accustomed to wearing your pajama bottoms when sitting in on a Zoom meeting, now that you are back in the real world, you will, unfortunately, have to dig out your smart clothes.

That being said, after months of meetings in relative comfort, you don’t want to pick an outfit that makes you feel ill at ease. Aim to find a middle ground with clothes that make you look professional but that also you feel comfortable in.