Companies with data entry Jobs From Home They Are Hiring In 2019

The jobs data entry or data entry are a great option to earn money from home without much experience. There are a lot of data entry jobs from home that allow you to work from home, earning a decent salary regardless of the country where you live. We show you what you need for these jobs, how to start and how much you will earn.

What is a data entry job or data entry?

Data entry is the act of entering information in electronic formats using a word processor or a data processing program in digital format.

In other words, a data entry jobs from home involves using a keyboard, scanner or other device to enter or enter information into a computerized system.

Actually, you can get a data entry jobs from home without having previous experience . All you need is a computer and some basic skills.

Some US companies need personnel that transfer information and allow work from home and even allow you to earn dollars working outside the United States.

What do you need to have a data entry jobs from home?

To obtain a job data entry , it is essential to have good typing skills. That is, if you are good at typing on the keyboard, it is very likely that you can work from home.

A data entry clerk also needs to have good verbal and written communication skills.

It is important to be familiar with Microsoft Office, since it is very likely that you use Word or Excel daily in your work routine.

Other qualities necessary for the job of entering data from work from home are thoroughness, attention to detail and the ability to work independently.

How much do the data entry jobs pay?

Most companies below offer an average salary of $ 15 per hour .

Best of all: Some of these US companies allow you to work from almost any country, if you meet some requirements.

The amount of money you will earn will also depend on how fast you work. Most data entry jobs are performed as a contractor or freelance , which offers a flexible schedule and the possibility of working on your own.

Companies with data entry jobs from home in 2019

Not all data entry jobs are worthwhile. Some pay very little or are unreliable. To help you, we have created a list of verified companies that are hiring and offering data entry jobs from home.