What Private Foundations Give Grant Money To Women Owned Businesses?

Numerous private foundations and organizations provide grant money and support to women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs. These foundations aim to promote gender diversity in entrepreneurship and empower women in the business world. While the availability of grant funding can vary from year to year and by location, here are some private foundations and organizations that have historically supported women-owned businesses:

1. **The Tory Burch Foundation:** The Tory Burch Foundation offers grants, mentorship programs, and resources to women entrepreneurs. Their program focuses on empowering women in the fields of fashion, beauty, and technology.

2. **Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program:** Eileen Fisher, a clothing company, runs a grant program that provides funding and mentorship to women-owned businesses that focus on sustainability and social consciousness.

3. **Amber Grant:** The Amber Grant Foundation awards monthly grants to women entrepreneurs to help them start or grow their businesses. They also select an annual winner from the monthly grant recipients for an additional award.

4. **Cartier Women’s Initiative:** This international program from Cartier offers funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities to women entrepreneurs around the world who are working to solve contemporary global challenges.

5. **Halstead Bead Incorporated’s Grant for Women Entrepreneurs:** Halstead Bead provides an annual grant to women jewelry entrepreneurs to support the growth of their businesses in the jewelry industry.

6. **Open Meadows Foundation:** While not exclusively for women-owned businesses, the Open Meadows Foundation supports projects that are led by and benefit women and girls. They offer grants for projects related to gender and racial equality.

7. **Accion Opportunity Fund (formerly Accion):** Accion Opportunity Fund provides financial support and resources to underserved entrepreneurs, including women-owned businesses, to help them access capital and grow their enterprises.

8. **National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants:** NASE offers small business grants, including some specifically for women entrepreneurs, to help with business expansion and development.

9. **The Girlboss Foundation:** Girlboss Foundation awards grants to female entrepreneurs in the creative industries, including fashion, design, and music.

10. **Zonta International:** Zonta International provides grants and scholarships to women seeking to advance their education, careers, and economic status. They support a wide range of projects and initiatives.

These are just a few examples, and there are many more private foundations and organizations that offer grants and support to women-owned businesses. Keep in mind that grant availability and eligibility criteria may change, so it’s important to research and verify the latest information and requirements on the respective foundation’s websites or through grant databases. Additionally, local and regional organizations may also offer grant programs to support women entrepreneurs in specific geographic areas. Visit www.thegrantportal.com.