Why You Should Consider Selling Your Unwanted Jewellery to Gold Buyers in Brisbane

If you have old jewellery that is just stashed somewhere in the house it is time to get money for it. Selling unwanted jewellery to gold buyers Brisbane is the best way to dispose of. This way you will not have ornaments you no longer use crowding your jewellery box or tucked in a drawer somewhere. You will have money to buy a new and trendy piece of jewellery or use for other purposes.

What kind of jewellery can you sell to gold buyers Brisbane? This can be any ornament that is made of gold. Be it an old necklace, ring, an earring or any other
golden jewellery, selling it is a good way to make extra money. Whether it is because the item is damaged, has bad memories or you just do not like it anymore,
getting money for it is better than just throwing it away or giving it to
someone free of charge. You can sell both old and new jewellery to these
buyers which gives you the chance to get the money from even the oldest ugliest pieces you have.

When selling your unwanted jewellery to gold buyers Brisbane you need to find a buyer who offers the best price for your gold. Most buyers will offer competitive prices depending on the current market price and the quality of the metal used to make the jewellery pieces. When selling, it is important to find out what the
current market price for gold is. You can do this by looking through Gold
sites like Kitco.com and Goldseek.com. When looking at this, consider how many
carats the gold used to make the jewellery. After you find out the price of gold, it is also important to see what the different gold buyers are paying in Brisbane by requesting quotes. Obviously, choose the one who offers the best price or is offering the highest price per gram.

Why should you use gold buyers Brisbane instead of selling directly to other people or jewellers? Gold Buyers Brisbane are the highest paying gold buyers and will give you instant cash which is something a jeweller may not be able to.

Gold buyers Brisbane have experience in the industry and know how to accurately determine the value of a gold piece. You can be sure that the prices they offer you are true to the value of what you are selling. Selling toa person one-on-one cancause you to be duped out of ignorance not knowing what the true value of the piece is.

When selling unwanted jewellery to gold buyers Brisbane professional service and privacy with your sale is guaranteed. This is unlike other selling methods like advertising on ecommerce websites like eBay which can expose you attracting thieves and malicious buyers. Stay safe by selling to people who mind your security and well-being. Only you have to know that you are selling the piece which keeps it and you safe until it is sold.

Now that you know the why on selling old jewellery to Gold buyers Brisbane, you may be wondering how to do it. It is actually very simple. Once you have chosen the gold buyer to sell to, contact the company via mail or phone and describe what you would like to sell and request for a quote. If you are happy with the price inquire on when you can take the jewellery to their physical store or if they do home collections. On the set date, provide the jewellery piece to the buyers for inspection and final determination of the price. Agree on the final price and you will be paid on the spot.