Mini Storage-Packing and self-Storage Tips

Self Storage Baltimore offers both storage and packing services. But they are billed separately. Therefore, packing can be done on the own. The following tips should be kept in mind regarding packing and storage.

  • Box the item to be stored in the storage units, as unboxed goods are susceptible to dirt and dust.
  • Label the boxes to be stored so that later on they can be identified easily. If you are not sure about the storage unit sizes, then it would be better that you avoid storing heavy or brittle items.
  • Do not seal the goods with plastic bags as this would cause the humidity to form mildew. In order to prevent any kind of damage, ensure that they are kept in a flat and upright position.
  • Disassemble things so that they save on space; label the boxes fragile and non-fragile.
  • All financial papers, photos, assets and documents such as insurance papers, bank checks, legal certificates, passports, wills, etc. should be transported personally.
  • Valuable items like coins, jewelry, family and historical records, etc. should not be kept at these storage facilities either.
  • Cash, debt evidences, personal documents, prescriptions, securities, family photos, etc. should all be secured and deposited in safety boxes during the moving process, or be kept in storage units that are bonded.
  • Prepare an estimate of all the items together with their replacement values and keep the insurance policies intact.
  • When you are opting for self storage services, it would also be appropriate if you invest in boxes and materials for packing that are sturdy and of good quality. Small sized boxes are good because they ensure that the items are securely stacked in the storage units and save a lot of space in the process.
  • Avoid storage of wet items as this can cause water damage with formation of mildew and mold on the items.
  • Care must be taken while storing big appliances in the storage units Baltimore. Do not forget to defrost a refrigerator while storing it, or else it might cause water damage. Doors should be tied securely to stop the condensation and avoid the occurrence of bad odor. Drain a washing machine prior to storage and close the water hoses. Keep the appliances clean prior to the storage and make sure they are dry.
  • Fragile goods should be wrapped up separately either with paper or bubble wrap.
  • Clothes should be stored in boxes or wardrobes.
  • All pictures and mirrors should be wrapped up well in bubble wrap and stored right at the end.
  • All metal items should be coated with oils in order to prevent the formation of rust.

These are few points that one needs to keep in mind before opting for the self storage option. Self Storage Baltimore would also assist you with the packing and storage process. They would also provide you with a suitable solution if you are facing with any kind of issues.