AMT CARS: Pros & Cons

Planning to buy a Peugeot 1007 new car with an automatic transmission gearbox? Here is a complete list of PROS & CONS of AMT Cars! 

Thanks to the advent of innovative technologies in worldwide automobile industry, our cars are now becoming safer, better and futuristic with every passing day. Starting from safety, comfort, entertainment features to driving convenience, technology has its impact everywhere. And believe us they are turning our cars into super machines with every new update.

AMT or automatic transmission is one such technology which has revolutionized the way we drive our cars. In a car with automatic transmission gearbox, there is no clutch pedal as seen on manual transmission cars. Rather, the complete clutch mechanism is replaced with an advanced hydraulic torque converter which completely changes the way drive our cars. It offers an ease of driving, especially in cities with bumper to bumper traffic.

Earlier, the option of AMT transmission gearbox was available only on high-end luxury cars, because it was a costly affair. Not only this, but the mileage figure was less and the overall maintenance charges of the car was costlier too. But thanks to the emerging technologies, AMT cars are no more luxury. Today, even the cheapest hatchback in India – Tata Nano and the best-selling hatchback in India – Maruti Suzuki Alto is available with AMT gearbox as an option.

There are many AMT models presently available in India and you can find more about them on

So, if you are planning to buy a car with AMT gearbox, check out our list of PROS & CONS of AMT Cars-


Ease of Driving

This is one of the biggest reasons why anyone will go for a AMT car. These cars are known for the easiness, convenient and relaxed driving, which is a boon for places with heavy traffic. If you go through hectic bumper to bumper traffic every day, you shouldn’t give a second thought before buying an AMT car. An AMT car will allow your mind and body to keep calm and relax in heavy traffic as you won’t have to push/release clutch lever and change gears frequently.

Good for City Driving

AMT Cars are good and smart for city driving conditions. You have to focus only and acceleration, brake and steering to roam around the city. If your daily running isn’t too much, and you mostly have to cover the distance between your home and work, AMT car is the best option.

Good for Learners

An AMT Car is a good option if you are a learner and planning to buy your first car. Driving a car with AMT gearbox requires lesser skills and experience as the gears are changed automatically by the hydraulic torque converter and the driver need to worry only about steering, brake and accelerator. In a car with manual transmission gearbox, drivers need good handling and coordination, which starters have to learn before driving.


Fuel Efficiency

Well, we have to admit this. No matter what the carmakers promote or swear, it is a well-known fact that fuel efficiency of cars with automatic transmission gearbox is lower compared to cars with manual transmission gearbox because of energy losses in hydraulic torque converter are higher.

Costly Maintenance

Just like the running costs, the maintenance of AMT cars is slightly higher than that of manual transmission cars.

Breakdown Maintenance Cost

If your AMT car needs emergency repairs for issues related to its transmission, the charges will be costlier than the manual transmission because of more complexity of automatic transmission.

No Sporty Thrills

AMT cars fail to offer sporty thrills because the gears change automatically and you do not have the liberty to choose what gears you want to drive in, and hence it is less sporty than cars with manual transmission.

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