Crowdfunding is a beautiful practice where individuals come forward with whatever they can and contribute to a cause. Online crowdfunding has revolutionized this concept by bringing in funding by reaching out to the millions around the world and create an international appeal. People and NGOs have been opting for crowdfunding to help them with expensive medical treatments, education or with high-impact nonprofits like relief crowdfunding or for the development of the underprivileged. Crowdfunding India says that it is time that we fight for the most significant social concern of all, poverty.

Crowdfunding India says that NGOs and crowdfunding have been working for the underprivileged for years now. There are NGOs who are serving the poor and deprived, providing food for them and medical treatments, education, opportunities, healthcare, infrastructure, and women empowerment. And their primary sources for fundings have been online fundraising campaigns. Online crowdfunding and faithful donor bases ensure a consistent cash pool all around the year, which is crucial for these NGOs to continue their work.

Crowdfunding India says that crowdfunding can alleviate poverty by two means. If underprivileged people want to start a business and do not have enough capital, the NGOs can appeal to the masses to donate to the cause. Crowdfunding can settle any specific problem they might be facing due to extreme poverty including education, food, manufacturing, and transportation. In this way, they will be able to get a stable source of income and gain financial independence. NGOs can appeal on behalf of these people by online crowdfunding websites and gather funding, quickly and effortlessly, from all around the world.

On the other hand, donations can be used to improve the living condition of the underprivileged people. NGOs are working for the development of the people suffering from poverty, can start fundraising campaigns for their healthcare, education and overall development. They can gather donations to improve their sanitation, vaccination, emergency surgeries, expensive medical treatments, and a lot of other issues which require immense funding to be dealt with. Crowdfunding India says that since it is a social responsibility, people will love to be a part of this and contribute whatever the amount they can whenever they want.

276 million people are living below the poverty level in India; they do not have access to proper medicines, nourishment, education, family planning not even sanitary napkins. People die because they cannot access appropriate treatments. They don’t have the vaccination; they have AIDS and other viral diseases due to lack of awareness. Crowdfunding India says that as fellow human beings we should not watch other humans living and dying like they are worth nothing. We the people of the privileged group who have the initiative of creating a difference in the society can donate to the fundraising campaigns of the NGOs. Maybe we cannot make the difference ourselves but can help others to do so.

We see malnourished children, beggars, homeless people, all day every day. It is time that we join our hands to set things right for them. NGOs are working relentlessly to help our fellow human beings live in proper human conditions which they deserve, Crowdfunding India welcomes you to donate and help these NGOs gather sufficient funds to eradicate poverty. If you have any query, you can visit the Crowdfunding India page and understand how crowdfunding the NGOs can help the underprivileged people.