Going Virtual – Why A Virtual Office Is The Next Step In Office Evolution

We are not characters in any Orwellian novel where a bleak future that is controlled primarily through AI rules over our every move. Instead, it is just the opposite in that we have benefitted greatly from technology that has created the catalyst for so much progress to take place in the business world over the last twenty years or so. Today, businesses can settle agreements and sign contracts with a click of a mouse, they can hire top talent simply through a search of any professional social media site, and they can sell pretty much anything online, and in no time at all.

Technology has even forced the conventional office of the past into the future simply because it has streamlined much of the work of a creating workspace. The coworking space, for one, has integrated so much of the business office into a one-stop resource for industry that it virtually builds the platform for success today. Similarly, the virtual office allows businesses to skip the drastically inflated overhead associated with the conventional office lease, while at the same time still being able to oversee employees’ activities by using screen monitoring software.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why the virtual office is the next step in office evolution.

Remote Support

Current virtual office suites provide businesses with an amalgam of support, but mainly IT support is the core of complementing the business’s needs. Take a look at Servcorp Australia’s site at http://www.servcorp.com.au/en/virtual-offices/ to see an example of the current virtual office. The future, however, holds so many promises in that virtual office suites stand to benefit from technology that could allow them to assist businesses from a remote location with many of their office needs, whether it is delivering phone messages or addressing IT issues.

New Online Platform

Today, the virtual office has given businesses more flexibility in growing without the stress of having to continue to worry about office space. Clients can reach businesses through the various communication technologies available, and when necessary, the virtual office has provided a way for businesses to meet in physical spaces that are professional spaces as well. As more businesses see the cost-effectiveness of an online platform, the virtual office stands to challenge the ubiquity of commercial real estate.

Online Commercial Real Estate

One of the greatest advantages to today’s virtual office is that it has created a situation wherein the future online realty will be as valuable as today’s onsite commercial real estate. Certain domains will command a higher price tag simply because of their association with certain online entities. The only difference is that, unlike commercial real estate in the real world, businesses will purchase a domain and grow into the limitless wilderness that makes up the internet free of cost.

Mobile Devices

The virtual office only stands to be at the helm of creating an office that can fit into any device. Devices as thin and small as the smallest mobile will have full functionality in the future. These devices make it easier for businesses to complete a variety of functions online without the awkwardness associated with using mobile technology. In essence, as technology advances, the virtual office will integrate many of these technologies to make work space more efficient for everyone.

Taking The Next Leap

It is hard to fathom a future absent of traditional office space, but newer formats are making it possible for professionals to access work space inexpensively. The virtual office is currently shaping the way this generation chooses to work by combining traditional work space with online structure. The future, however, is limitless with a platform that does not mandate the need for construction or any of the other costs associated with creating buildings for work.