It is a universally accepted norm that all businesses like individuals need to be identified by a name if not it would be an utter chaotic situation in this world if none of us had names, which is true for businesses too. A name is a form of identification and businesses would generally select a name which would easily identify their line of business enabling their customers to choose them easily and engage with them. Members of any business organization would carry business cards with them which would enable them to exchange them with those whom they would meet during their business visits and activities. A credit card on the other hand is not a form of identification and unless otherwise called for by the merchant who would accept a payment it and who has that prerogative it could be used by anyone, without any identification. Credits cards could be used to make payments for products or services one may purchase or utilize either whilst conducting such business or on any personal capacity. Both business cards and credit cards would be very useful for those who indulge in business and whilst the former would be generally made of paper the latter would be a piece of plastic. The modern business environment has to a very great extent grown around these small pieces of paper and plastic which have revolutionized the world business community and build strong relationships too.  You can find and compare merchant credit card rates with AllRates


Credit cards

Credit cards are gradually replacing hard cash for many transactions and we could buy our groceries, pay for our fuel, purchase clothing and other accessories by just giving our credit cards.

A few years ago credit cards were a status symbol but it is not the case now with millions of people across the world using this simple mode of payment for which they would be provided a credit limit by the issuing institution.

The credit limit so bestowed would depend on many factors but primarily based on the credibility of the credit card user and to be paid within a prescribed time limit.

Most credit card issuing institutions would not even charge an annual fee if the credibility and usage of the user is above average acceptable limits.

Business cards

Business cards are a form of identification generally used by those conducting business with others to ensure that the giver and the receiver would take it as only a form of introduction as it has no legal bearing at all.

A fist visit to a business associate or a customer would entail the exchanging of business cards which would apprise one about the other and vice versa about the type of business they conduct including other personal and official information.

Contact is primarily the sole objective of exchanging business cards and by doing so both would know how to contact each other when any business requirements crop up but that does not mean that it would not have a personal not attached to it.