A Guide to Revamping Your Business Website

Just as a physical, brick-and-mortar store can use a little reorganisation and redesign every now and then, so too should your website be under review every quarter in order to bring in upgrades, improvements or redesigned elements that are created in order to boost your performance, your traffic, and your sales. This guide will introduce you to the most pivotal areas in which your website might be improved, helping to show you how the modern web commerce industry is changing. With the tips outlined below, you’ll be able to relaunch your website to be more effective in 2020 and beyond.

Branding and Aesthetic

Any and all businesses can slowly see the aesthetic choices they made a few years back slowly drifting out of fashion. It’s exactly why big companies can spend upwards of a million dollars rebranding their business – and revamping their websites alongside their new brand image. For smaller enterprises, this is an essential lesson to onboard, too. Consider the following aesthetic changes:

  • Rebranding your business with a sleek, modern design
  • Changing your colour scheme to reflect the ethos of your business
  • Bringing in a professional writer to add character to your written content
  • Upending your web design in order to incorporate some modern design elements
  • Creating bright, exciting and colourful marketing materials to show off your products

Whatever you choose to change, your aesthetic is directly linked to how your customers – and consumers who stray upon your site – are going to see you. Invest in your site’s appearance in order to gain the trust and appreciation of more people across the world.

Make Your Site Sales-Oriented

This tip is built upon the insights generated by experts in UX: user experience. Put simply, UX is all about how web users will navigate through your site to find the pages they’re most interested in. Simple principles of great UX design include:

  • Very few clicks on-site before landing on the product page they’re looking for
  • A simple, clear products listing interface to help consumers browse products
  • Smart use of an easy-to-onboard enterprise ecommerce platform that will help you facilitate swift sales
  • Few poo-ups, alerts, advertisements and other distractions that can drive web users away

If your website is sales-oriented, you’ll be more likely to make a success of your ecommerce platform, encouraging in sales to help your business grow and develop in 2020.

Link with Social Media

One of the fundamentals of marketing in the digital age is to use social media as an anchor in the public space, and one to show off your style, character, brand, and products. Make sure you’re building profiles and working to gather followers and likes on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Share exciting content on all three sites, including:

  • Blog posts about your products and how they can help consumers
  • Photos of your products in action, with smart tags and hashtags to help generate views
  • Viral marketing campaigns that aim to strike a chord with internet users
  • Multimedia content (especially videos) to help engage a wider audience with your site

While you can pay to boost your social media advertisements, you can use this link for free, too – helping promote your website, increase web traffic, and boost sales on your website.

This article offers some practical advice to help you revamp your business’ website to make it customer-ready for 2020 and beyond.