The San Diego Padres is one of the most popular American baseball teams in the USA. It is a professional team from San Diego California. It is a member of The National League West Division and was established in 1969. Till date this well-loved team has won NL pennants twice in the years 1984 and 1998 respectively. However, they lost in the World Series in both the above years. Till 2015, this team has won 14 times in the game seasons held by the Franchise.

Steve Sorensen- An Ardent Baseball Fan who loves San Diego Padres

Steve Sorensen in the USA is an ardent fan of baseball and is fond of the San Diego Padres. He says that he is not only fond of watching their games but he loves to track the history of the team and players with like-minded baseball fans. When it comes to the franchise history of the San Diego Padres, he says that this baseball team got its name from the Pacific Coast League. This was the beginning of their minor league history.  This was a team that had arrived in the region of San Diego in the year 1936. This minor league won the Pacific Coast League title in 1937 and it was led to its victory by 18-year Ted Williams. His name was later inducted into the Hall of Fame. He originally belonged to San Diego. The name of San Diego Padres is a Spanish name and is refers to the Franciscan Friars of Spain who established San Diego in 1769. The meaning of the name of the team is Fathers”.

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The major league innings of this famous team of San Diego started in 1969. It was at this time that they joined the Major League Baseball League. They were among the four expansion teams to join this League. The names of the other teams were The Kansas City Royals, The Montreal Expos now called The Washington Nationals and the Seattle Pilots now called The Milwaukee Brewers. C. Arnholt Smith was the original owner of the team and he was a businessman. He previously owned the PCL Padres that was associated with real estate, banking, an airline, tuna fishing and hotels among its other interests. The excitement in the beginning was obviously high however the team did struggle as they had a new field to play on. The team was mentored by experienced baseball veterans Buzzie Bavasias and Eddie Leishman. The season at first also came with its share of disappointments as the team in the first 6 seasons of play finished in last place. However, the team did have hope as it had Nate Colbert as a leader on board. He was a leader when it came to home runs and was a noted baseball player.

Steve Sorensen says that the fortunes of the team started to improve gradually and they went on to win 5 National League West tournaments. They managed to participate twice in the World Series however could not win the coveted title. In 2004, they moved into the stadium that they play till date- Petco Park.