There are a lot of accounts payable systems that you’re going to encounter especially if you’re looking for something new that you can implement in your company. As your company grows, you will need to be able to cope with the workload and that includes the number of your invoices. Making sure that what you have is seamless is something that may be hard to do if you don’t know what exactly it is that you need to look for.

Below are a handful of things that you should look for when you’re looking for an online accounts payable system.

1. Versatility of the Features

The first thing that you should be able to be confident in with that system that you’re going to use for your accounts payable is its versatility. You need to know whether all of the departments of your company are comfortable with using that particular system. If not, you need to know what changes need to be made and if these changes can be done by the vendor.

You don’t always have to fulfill all of the requests of everyone in your company. You just have to make sure that the system that you’re going to implement is something that everyone can work with without the efficiency of their output suffering. Systems vary from vendor to vendor and many industries require specialized software in order for them to work efficiently.

2. Compatibility with AP Goals

When you’re getting something new, you should always get something that you need. Before you look at your options when it comes to the online accounts payable system, you have to know what you’re lacking in the AP department. Do you need something that can automate the payments to your vendors or do you need something that accurately creates reports?

If you know what you need to improve upon after the installation of the system, it will be easier for you to know what features you’re going to need and how to optimize them with your system. Yes, you may need to make adjustments to ensure that the change of pace is done so without sacrificing accuracy, but you should think of the long-term as well.

3. Overall Costs

It’s easy to get blinded by the initial pricing of a system, but you must resist the temptation of getting the cheapest option possible. No two system is the same. There may be systems that can save you a lot of money upfront but could cost you a lot more in the future. Make sure that what you get set up for your company is something that justifiable in terms of costs.

4. Vendor Reputation

A good thing to look at when you already have a handful of AP systems to choose from is the reputation of the vendor behind them. Are they a successful vendor that works with companies internationally due to their proven stability? You want to avoid companies that have a failing track record because you shouldn’t add to their negative statistic.
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