It is the ruling stone of Venus. White zircon, gemstone is the birthstone for December. It is beautiful and looks similar to diamond. It is often used in an alternative to the diamond because it sparkles same as the diamond. The beautiful cuts and color complexion of the zircon makes it more beautiful and shiny. Its cut is responsible for the multiple reflections due to which it has the unique sparkle. Comparing the stone in price, it is a way too cheaper than diamond but holds great astrological value.

What is heat treated zircon gemstone?

Zircon gemstones is treated with heat before it is presented in the international market because the heat treated zircon gemstone is more compact with the crystals, so it doesn’t lose its sparkle in the long run. This alternative stone for diamond is beautiful, but it becomes dull in a short term if it is not treated with heat before its use. Also, the heat treatment is used to form the colorful blend of the stone. Blue zircon, stone is the product of the heat treatment. If the stone is treated with the certain heat then the crystal changes its color and forms a new beautiful stone. Hence, for this reason the zircon stone is treated with the heat before its use. 

What are the varieties of zircon gemstone?

Zircon gemstones found in different places is of different varieties. Following are the varieties of the zircon stone:

  1. Jacinth: the color range of yellow, orange, brown and red comes under Jacinth.
  2. Jargon: The zircon gemstone with pale yellow and pale gray color is Jargon.
  3. Matura Diamond:  the zircon stone which is colorless is known as Matura Diamond.
  4. Starlite: The heat treated zircon stone which is blue in color is Starlite. It is rarely natural and mostly artificially heat treated to form the blue zircon stone.

Buying the zircon gemstone online:

Gemstones can be bought online nowadays. There are plenty of websites where you can choose the gemstone you’re interested in. you can compare the quality, color, size, and price of the stone and get it delivered in your door. But make sure that you buy the stone through the trusted website like amazon. There, you have very little risk to get the fake stone. 

 The Zircon Stone Price is not fixed; It varies according to the quality and the composition. In the range of $300 to $400, you can get the finely saturated zircon over 10 carats. But the heat treated blue zircon stone from 5 to 10 carat, cost around $200 to $300 per carat. 

But, honey zircon which has the color blend of red color is cheap in compared to blue zircon. 

Is zircon gemstone beneficial to wear?

 Zircon gemstone is very powerful and holds the mystical powers. Its positive energy can benefit the wearer in many forms. It helps in acquiring the good relation in the family and couples. It has the great positive effect in the health of the wearer. Any chronic pains and other back aches can be highly reduced by the use of this stone. Zircon has the power to control the positions of the stars due to which the wearer is benefited by the luck, fortune, and opportunities. The chakra balancing is a big deal for the astrologers that are made simpler by the unique power of the zircon stone. 

For the career betterment and improvement in the professional life, the zircon gemstone has a great importance. It guides you the better path in any difficult phase in life by providing the strength to make the instant good decisions.

Is it safe to wear the zircon stone?

 The stone doesn’t radiate any harmful radiation; neither does it attract any radiation. So, it is super safe to wear the stone as jewelry. Unless you wear any fake and artificial stone, you won’t be harmed by it. Instead, it provides you with the lots of energies and positive vibes. Nowadays, it has become trendy and fashionable because it is beautiful and shiny. Many big personalities have been talking about its mystical powers.

In a nutshell, it is super safe and is highly recommended wearing the stone to benefit your mind, body, and spirits through the astrological powers.